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Twisted Sister’s Jay Jay French calls the music industry a legal criminal enterprise

John “Jay Jay” French French Alfred Nitsch, CC BY-SA 3.0 AT

(Hypebot) — Twisted Sister’s Jay Jay French has seen the good and bad sides of the music industry and concluded with his usual outspokenness that it’s nothing less than a “criminal enterprise “.

“I’ve survived multiple ODs, I’ve survived multiple near-kills and so yeah…I’m going to take a street person’s knowledge of any academic any day of the week in the business because you learn to make a deal with people in business so I’m going to say that for sure,” the guitarist added.

“And by the way, rock ‘n’ roll, let me be clear, is a criminal enterprise. Record companies are criminals. It’s that simple – they’re just legal criminals. So when you’re in a cesspool of crime, whether it’s obvious crime, in other words, blue collar crime where someone threatens your life with a gun or white collar crime, you have dealing with criminals,” he concluded.

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