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The gospel music industry witnesses the awakening of a sleeping giant in recording artist Annette Hall as she ignites the charts

Annette Hall has completed a collaborative recording titled “Mountains Are Moving”, featuring world renowned Caribbean artist Jabez.

Annette Hall’s EP, “The Best Is Yet To Come”, is available for download on iTunes and all other download/streaming sites.

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Musgrove Music Distribution is the “one stop shop” for all your music production and distribution needs.

Annette Hall is breaking the curve for all newcomers to Reggae Gospel Worship music with her meteoric rise from obscurity to overnight global sensation!

Annette Hall is a humble yet dynamic woman of God, awe-inspiringly used by the Holy Spirit to inspire many through her positive lyrics and melodious voice.

— Nicholas Robertson, pastor and host, “Positive Vibration” England, UK

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, USA, March 16, 2022 / — Reggae Gospel Worship artist Annette Hall has what it takes to achieve legendary status in music with her profound lyrics and sentimental, his unique and amazing vocal prowess and songwriting/lyrical gifts. During her short time in the music industry, she has already received international acclaim and recently entered into a collaboration with world renowned Caribbean music artist Jabez with her new single, “Mountains Are Moving”, featuring a music video currently in the works! Click MOUNTAINS now to purchase your own personal copy of “Mountains Are Moving”, a song that is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds.

“Annette Hall is a phenomenal artist,” says Daniel Musgrove, CEO of Musgrove Music Distribution. “His music, his artistry and his sincere love of God and people are a breath of fresh air in this industry. I know we will enjoy his music for years to come.

Annette grew up in Montego Bay, the heart of Jamaica’s tourist capital. There is no doubt that his Jamaican roots have greatly influenced his sound and his approach to music. As a child, she was shy and introverted, but little did she know that God was already carving her into the musical juggernaut she would become. She always maintained a position of humility as she grew up, and with the positive influences of Sunday school, the church choir, and her personal relationship with Christ, she became a powerful force for the Kingdom of God.

Annette Hall is no stranger to tragedy, as she suffered the loss of her dear mother to complications from COVID-19. It was during the pandemic that Annette released her debut single “I Give Them All To You”, in September 2020. Her music helped turn tragedy into triumph, as she pressed and released an EP titled ” The Best Is Yet To Come,” in March 2021. A song from “The Best Is Yet To Come,” titled “Raise Our Voices,” became a smash hit that topped over 100,000 streams on Spotify.

The unbridled success of Annette Hall’s music has captured the hearts of music lovers across the planet. “God must get all the glory!” proclaims Wendell McKoy, senior pastor of Salem United Church in St. Mary’s, Jamaica. “Listening to Minister Hall’s ministry, I am fully convinced that the Holy Spirit is moving her to sing. Her ministry is most definitely for this generation.” Bishop Honley Walker of Echoes of Praise Ministries in West Palm, Florida said, “Minister Annette Hall is a unique contemporary minister of the gospel led by the Holy Spirit. When you hear his powerful, melodious voice, you will not only hear great singing, but his ministry. bring you into the presence of God. Selah! Annette’s musical renditions were even noticed ‘across the pond’ when she received that sparkling endorsement from Nicholas ‘Robdon’ Robertson, pastor, author and host of ‘Positive Vibration’ in England, Australia. United Kingdom: “Annette Hall is a humble but dynamic woman of God being used in an awesome way by the Holy Spirit to inspire many through her positive lyrics and melodious voice.”

Annette Hall is now breaking new ground with the release of her new single, “Mountains Are Moving”, featuring Jabez, a Caribbean music phenomenon in her own right. Jabez as well as artists such as Tasha Cobbs, Amanda Curtis and Nathaniel Bassey have been a great inspiration to Annette in her own quest for success in the music industry. It’s usually unheard of for a new artist to be able to collaborate with a leading artist in their field in such a short time. But it speaks to the impact that Annette’s music had so early in her career. She fuses the styles of reggae music and contemporary worship music to create a unique sound that is gaining relevance in today’s music market. The loud and powerful voice that Jabez possesses is a welcome compliment to Annette’s songwriting abilities. The sweet melodies and heartfelt message of “Mountains Are Moving” are just one example of the remarkable music that God has placed in the very heart of Annette Hall. She aspires to do more collaborations with established Gospel artists in the Gospel music industry.

Annette Hall currently resides with her husband and family in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where she and her husband are active in ministry, just as they were in Jamaica. For them, ministry is not a fad or a passing fancy; it is a lifestyle of service to God and humanity. She advises new emerging artists to never stop believing in themselves and in the power of God to perform, to stay humble, never to underestimate people and to believe that God will always do everything for favor and favor. glory of his children. In his own words, “It’s not over until God says it’s over.”

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Annette Hall’s Raise Our Voices (Official Video)