The Children Who Inspired Dolly Parton’s Famous Sad Song, “Me and Little Andy”

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  • “Me and Little Andy” has always been in high demand by Dolly Parton fans
  • What inspired the country star to write “Me and Little Andy”
  • Parton about getting emotional while playing

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Dolly Parton knows how to write a sad song. She once said that she “should be prosecuted for writing such pitiful songs.” The Queen of Country has one sad song that seems to have been in more demand over the years than the rest, and it’s “Me and Little Andy”. In a 1981 interview, Parton opened up about his inspiration for the song.

People love “Me and little Andy”

Back then, and even in the years that followed, Parton was asked to sing “Me and Little Andy” a lot. She thinks it may have something to do with people enjoying watching her play the part of the child.

“I get as many requests for this little song as anything I’ve written,” she said on The Ralph Emery Show, as stated in the book Dolly on Dolly. “When I was with Porter years ago, we sang these songs about kids and with that little girl’s voice. Songs like ‘Jeannie’s Afraid of the Dark’ and some of the stuff we used to record. But I wrote this song because I thought it would be the right thing to do. I always do it on stage and it’s one of my special songs.

The inspiration of Dolly Parton behind ‘Me and Little Andy’

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Like many of her most famous songs, Parton was inspired to write “Me and Little Andy” based on the stories of people she knew in real life.

“Well, I kind of linked it to some kids at home where their mom was pretty wild and their dad was a drunk,” she said. “They are just as poor as us and their families are as large as us. They were hanging out in our house a lot and Mom always took them in some way. But it wasn’t like the exact story, but it was because of that, deep in my head.

Much like the situation Parton witnessed as a child, the song is heartbreaking, she admits. She can still see him resonate with certain people in the audience.

“It’s sad, my boy. When I do it on stage, I look in the audience and see about five or six people shedding tears and other stuff that they throw, ”she said with a laugh. “And sometimes when I sing it, I throw a part of it myself!” “

It was not unusual for Dolly Parton to be emotional on stage at the time

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Parton’s interviewer asked her if she was ever emotional on stage.

” Yeah ! She replied. “It depends if I’ve been on the road for a long time or if I’m feeling a little bad or really emotional or something like that.”

Sometimes a song like “Coat of Many Colors” does it for the country star. Other times she just felt moved by other things and it would come out on stage.

“If I haven’t seen mom and dad for a long time, my parents, or if something has just built up in me emotionally,” she said. “I’m very sensitive and emotional, like most people, and sometimes, like in the middle of a song, that’s all I can do. . . I just had to turn off the mic once or twice on songs like “Coat of Many Colors”.

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