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The best rear bike rack for 2021

Our choice

Topeak Explorer

This rack was the easiest to fit on many types of bikes and was the most stable for carrying heavy panniers.

the Topeak Explorer (which comes in a version for bikes with disc brakes well) does an admirable job of fitting a wide variety of bikes more easily than any other bike rack we’ve reviewed – and it’s the hardest job a rear bike rack has to do. This is due to the luggage rack’s flexible attachment arms (some racks have more rigid and inflexible ones) and the fact that it has ample wheel clearance to accommodate the bewildering variety of frames on offer. bike on the road. Plus, it’s sturdier than other racks that cost the same. It is designed to carry 55 pounds, which is a ton of weight. We loaded ours up with four gallons of milk (34 pounds) and took them easily into the sunset. Topeak makes a few variations of this rack, including one for 29ers, an ATV style with 29 inch wheels.


Planet Bike Eco Rack

It’s not the strongest bike rack we’ve tested, but it installs easily and performs better under load than most.

Although we found it to be less robust in testing, the Planet Bike Eco Rack was also able to accommodate a greater number of bike sizes than several other racks we reviewed. It’s designed to hold as much weight as the Topeak Explorer, 55 pounds, but it only has two brackets on either side of the rack versus three for the Explorer. It results in some instability if you really charge it. But for a city cyclist doing light runs, it’s inexpensive and efficient, and it comes from a company known for making affordable and efficient products for commuters.