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Tenth anniversary of the death of Jagjit Singh: “Zindagi Dhoop Tum Ghana Saaya” | India News

MUMBAI: Ten years ago, Jagjit Singh was taken from us to merge with the divine energy of the universe. The world has lost a unique human and a supreme musician.
Jagjit Singh’s life encompassed a multitude of other qualities beyond music, composition and singing. Compassion, total honesty, spiritual awareness, intelligence and unconditional love for everyone and everything in the universe. Her energy continues to live on and communicate silently with people, whether through her calming voice or simply through wonderful memories.
Jagjit Singh was and is my guru, my life partner, my friend and above all my protector. He not only protected me but also became a “son” to my parents with his love and kindness.
He received the Padma Bhushan in 2003. But admirers all over the world demanded the Bharat Ratna. In the field of music, there is perhaps no one more deserving than Jagjit Singh!
He chose the ghazals as the vehicle for his music, primarily because of his love for Urdu poetry. His training in pure Indian classical music, his sensitivity and empathy for the common man helped him touch the heart. He was a Ustad in his knowledge and his profession. From folk and khayal to thumri and devotional music, he excelled at everything.
His compositions reflect these aspects. From orchestration to sound balancing, mixing, editing, he handled everything himself. It was a one-man institution. In India in particular, besides the folk music accompanying our rituals, seasons and festivals, two major genres reigned on our music scene, Indian classical music and film music.
There was no third form to capture the imagination until Jagjit Singh exploded over the horizon like a meteor to popularize the third form – the ghazal.
Today, 10 years after his departure, the ghazal – in fact, music in general – is dwindling. God knows if this situation can ever get better without the emergence of someone like Jagjit Singh.
Our family and I had formed a foundation in his name. But there was not much that could be done about it for various reasons. But on the occasion of its 10th anniversary, we are happy to announce a series of activities. The best talents from around the world will be chosen under the aegis of the Jagjit Singh Foundation. They will render 80 compositions of Jagjitji in unique music concerts with some interesting additions for today’s listeners. It will be an online business.
This year 2021-2022 is also the 80th-81st birthday of Jagjit Singh and we want to celebrate this milestone with everyone. Covid had an impact on the timeline of this activity, but not on our minds. Please pay attention to the next announcements.