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Tamworth TAFE to Offer Music Class in Country Music Capital After Local Muso Freddie Bailey-Cook Advocates | The head of the daily newspaper in the North


Kids in Australia’s country music capital will finally be able to study music at home in Tamworth. 17-year-old Freddie Bailey-Cook has big dreams of country music success With a stage name of FredBear, a background of local muso Kim Bear and a style that monkeys Keith Urban, the local guitarist and songwriter. last year wanted to go to class to learn the industry. Only problem: TAFE does not offer music lessons. “It is the country music capital of not only Australia, but the southern hemisphere,” he said. “You’d think more of things like this would happen, but it’s not.” READ MORE: Mr Bailey-Cook went to his local MP to see what could be done to fix the problem. A little less than a year later, Kevin Anderson had a response from Skills Minister Geoff Lee: a yes. Tamworth’s TAFE will again offer a Certificate III in Music Industry course, he said. The online course will cover the gamut of the job, from entertaining a crowd to installing lights and running the business. “The music industry is really strong in Tamworth, but there is nowhere that people can really learn about the industry as such,” said Mr. Anderson. “It’s more than just going on stage, singing and playing an instrument, it’s the entertainment part. There is so much more behind it.” The 18-month full-time course is a nationally recognized qualification that gives students a comprehensive understanding of the industry, including basic skills in performance, recording and live production. Mr Bailey-Cook will enroll in the first class, which is expected to begin early in the first quarter of next year. “It will be a relief, I think, to know that I can walk into a place and really focus on what I want to do as a career, and not really as a hobby,” Bailey-Cook said. Mr Anderson, himself the guitarist and singer of Tamworth’s Splashpool band, said the 17-year-old has a great future in the industry. “Freddy started out on the streets of Tamworth, playing the streets of Tamworth, many others have done the same and are looking at where they are now,” Mr. Anderson said. “It’s a long hard road, it’s a lonely road, you have to be dedicated.” But these days you have to have a full skill set, you have to have the full toolbox. That’s what this course will do. “Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content: