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Sven Andrew achieves great success in the music industry

The music industry has created and broken trends almost every day.

The following is from the Ascend agency, which has partnered with Digital Music News to bring you this profile on Sven.

Thanks to the advent of social networks, talents no longer depend on labels to find their audience. This platform has been a huge opportunity for talent around the world to become fearless about something they believe in. They can show their creativity without following the standards, and that is the current trend. Sven Andrew is one of those artists who belongs to the new generation of musicians who dare to be different. He is unique in his compositions, lyrics and even his videos.

Sven Andrew has pursued his passion for music with hard work for years. All that dedication and persistence paid off in the end. Today, her music video “I’m Not Alright” has been viewed over 150,000 times on the YouTube platform and over 250,000 on Instagram. It was also nominated for the Berlin Music Video Awards in the first final section.

His accomplishments do not end there. Sven’s other songs have also garnered over 50,000 views on YouTube, earning him a huge fan on social media. He was also part of a tour of Indonesia.

The feeling of cheering on your audience and performing in front of them live was thrilling. He was slowly planning on doing further tours when the pandemic epidemic turned his life upside down. Her album’s release party, scheduled for March 2020, has been canceled, and her live performances have also been postponed. The situation was heartbreaking for the artist but he drew inspiration from it to create.

Sven Andrews wrote the lyrics to his single “Hope” during the pandemic lockdown.

Besides “Hope”, Sven also wrote several other very realistic songs. He never wanted to portray an ideal state of the world to the public where everything is perfect. Rather, he likes to talk about socio-political issues that disrupt normal life. Most of his songs have blazing lyrics about social injustice that challenge the sanity level of all of humanity.

Aside from his searing lyrics which drew a distinct audience, Sven is also known for mixing and creating unconventional genres. He never sticks to standards, and that’s how he skilfully goes from indie-pop to electronic rock. The result is always electrifying and energetic music that captivates audiences. He doesn’t apologize for his approach to music. He’s more intuitive and unconventional, which has helped him stand out from his contemporaries in the industry.

The young artist is also appreciated for his versatile talent. He is an independent artist who creates his songs on his own. From lyrics and recordings, to filming, video editing, marketing and concert booking, Sven takes care of it all. He doesn’t depend on a team to reach his audience the way he wants.

Going forward, Sven wants to continue creating more unique and fresh music to keep audiences engaged on his social media handles. He hopes to resume his tours once the situation returns to normal.