Music industry

Survive, Thrive and Collaborate Despite the Pandemic

India has always been a music-loving country for both global and local artists, but the music industry, like all other industries and businesses around the world, has seen multiple upheavals over the past 2 years. Live shows were banned, international travel was restricted, the collapse not only had an impact on the artists, but also on the thousands of people who worked alongside them. Regardless of the botched situation, artists remained committed to their task of entertaining audiences, hosting virtual concerts and live streams to spread musical joy during difficult times.

The music industry has changed and independent artists have never had so much time to build a community of followers and fans with the myriad of new media tools at their disposal. As a freelance musician, developing a profitable and sustainable music career is more realistic today than it ever was in the past. However, in order to take advantage of the opportunities at hand, audience engagement and collaboration have become paramount.

However, live music being one of the most anticipated categories after the pandemic is gradually coming back to the fore. Entertainment lovers are eager to attend live events, and now with the ease of Covid restrictions and rising vaccination rates, live gigs are back. As the industry continues to fight back with new models and ways to monetize music consumption, the live music industry sees a lot of light, hope and opportunity to rise again, and ultimately see its boom. Therefore, once again, artists are all set to connect with their audience one-on-one through live concerts.

The zeal and excitement for live music is certainly equal on both sides, but to prepare for future live performances and ensure their audiences are captivated, performers are looking for superior professional gear with cutting-edge technology. We are now in the early stages of the next technological revolution, as we witness a transition from wired technology to a new world of wireless freedom. That’s why, the need for an hour is to equip artists with products that provide the most reliable connection for any situation, any place, today or even tomorrow, like Sennheiser digital 6000.

Also, arranging a comeback for the music industry can be quite difficult, but people in the industry have surprisingly approached the same and are almost back to normal with new mechanics, models and exploration of new revenue through to digital transformation to be more sustainable in the market.

Today, the industry is more confident and eager to experiment with new ways of working, interacting and performing. Artists, event organizers, brand sponsors, investors all collaborate and work for one cause, which is the well-being of the industry, which results in the expansion of the fan base, increases visibility and opens up new opportunities. Even today’s brands focus on making products to make shows and concerts a euphoric moment. Definitely, with all the excitement, unity, new technologies and innovations, the music industry is accelerating to create a stronger, bigger and better defined independent circuit.



The opinions expressed above are those of the author.