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SONIDO: Dutch-based start-up NFT will revolutionize the music industry


Sonido is an NFT startup platform dedicated to artists, festivals and events, and fans. The platform consists of a general NFT marketplace, an NFT music marketplace, and an NFT ticket marketplace. Fans can buy these NFTs and be able to trade them. SON is Sonido’s utility token which can be used for many social features and purchasing NFT tickets.

Three co-founders of the company – Kiavash Zare, Danny Markus and Ragib Shahriar initiated this project to disrupt the music industry through decentralization. Artists, festivals and events can mint their collections as NFTs and sell them in the general market. Moreover, artists can create their songs and beats as NFTs and sell them on the NFT music market. Festivals and events can benefit from NFT ticketing.

Blockchain has become very popular over the years, and NFT has just started gaining popularity among the mass crowd. Having a platform like Sonido means artists can increase their revenue stream and have full control over their earnings. Additionally, each time an NFT is sold, the creators of the NFTs will earn royalties. What’s more special is that artists can also raise money from fans to work on future albums, and once the album is released, fans can earn royalties on the amount they invested in it. the artist.

In addition, tickets are easily duplicated and the money ends up in the wrong hands. Therefore, festivals and events can mint their tickets as NFTs to prevent counterfeiting and fraud. When tickets are redeemed, they are immutably recorded on the blockchain, allowing individuals to verify the legitimacy of the ticket. More importantly, they can take full control of the primary and secondary market.

As the co-founders of Sonido say, “We are creating a community to connect all of these key players on one platform with the adoption of blockchain technology. There’s a lot of potential in the music industry, and we’re on a mission to reshape it.

Currently the SON token will be ready for pre-sale from 25and from December 2021 until 10and from January 2022. Keep an eye on the Sonido website at Additionally, NFT marketplaces will be ready in early 2022. To read the white paper, visit Sonido’s website and download it from the “About” page. Sonido is available on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter under SonidoNFT. If you want to connect with them directly, message them on social media or email them at: [email protected]