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Revolutionaries needed to transform Ghana’s music industry – Krymi

Krymi talks about revolutionary people for the music industry

Sensational Ghanaian singer Krymi said the Ghanaian music industry needs revolutionaries to transform the space and increase international appeal.

Speaking in an interview with the Topsy Turvy edition of TV3 New Day, the artist explained that the growth of the music industry for the development of the country is crucial and therefore pioneering people are needed to run the business of industry.

“We need revolutionary people who will come up with ideas that will position our music in the international world. Sometimes investors have to invest funds to promote a song because the music is capital intensive. “

Artist Afrobeat said the Ghanaian music industry lacks investors despite the industry having talented musicians and artists.

This, he explained, inhibits certain musical talents.

“There is this form of investment that is done in music. Nigerian music has investors who invest in their videos to make a proper production and project the brands of musicians to such an extent that they deserve a lot of money. It’s all about branding.

He further said: “In Ghana we have the talent. We have to project our image to a point that we can also pair up with other musicians from other countries.

Speaking about his career, the ‘Party Gbee’ hit maker explained that he had not been able to release songs regularly since January due to the loss of his father.

It can be said that the up-and-coming singer announced his father’s passing on social media on Thursday, February 11 of this year.

He revealed that he was unable to promote “Party Gbee” as he was supposed to, but his leadership held him back and went to great lengths to promote him.

The song has currently reached one million views on YouTube.

Despite his hiatus from releasing songs for a while, Krymi says he’s back and ready to give his fans some hit songs and get ready to release an album.

“I haven’t been able to release any songs in quite some time since my last one in January which was a gbee party in early January. I couldn’t even promote the song the way I wanted and it reached millions of views through the efforts of my direction.

“I have a plan to release an album, a set of songs and everything but it goes with the season,” he added.

The up-and-coming artist has revealed that his upcoming new songs are open to new genres of music to make his music style dynamic.

“I promise you the newer ones that are coming in, you will enjoy it. I try to open up to genres. I try to be a little diverse. I listen to different genres and different languages. I have a song called Show Me that’s coming out soon, ”he said.

Speaking about musicians’ involvement in political affairs, Krymi explained that he does not personally get involved in politics due to his risky nature in the country.

According to him, most musicians do not get involved in politics because they aspire to retain the love shown to them by the fans.

A fan cannot support a political party backed by an artist and as a result, an artist or musician can lose a fan base.

“We want people to be happy and stable, so we stay out of politics so they can come for our show. My main motivation is people. They distribute my music and support my business. In order for my music to grow, I have to make sure they are in the right position to enjoy my music.