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Nigeria: music industry takes young people off the streets with 7figure Records – Franklin Chiekezie

Young Nigerian music entrepreneur and humanitarian Mr. Franklin Chiekezie Chiemelu says the music industry is able to pull huge Nigerian youth off the streets with the right investment.

Mr Franklin Chiekezie Chiemelu said so on Monday in an interview in Lagos.

He said the industry has given those who are passionate about and motivated by music a livelihood throughout the music value chain.

According to Franklin Chiekezie, founder of 7FIGURE Music, the industry currently employs around one million people and with the right investment, the industry will employ more young people than any other sector in the country.

“This industry employs managers, producers, songwriters, videographers, photographers, sound engineers, instrumentalists, etc. dollars, or about 23.3 billion naira in 2022.

“Music has put Nigeria on the world map and if you ask me I will say that the music industry has fostered more beneficial international relations than any other industry.”

Regarding his outlook and how he plans to navigate the music industry, 7FIGURE’s music boss Franklin Chiekezie pointed out that most successful Nigerian musicians were not known until after become famous.

He said there is no monopoly in the market, adding that everyone has a fair chance to win the hearts of fans if he or she has something unique to offer.

Mr Franklin Chiekezie Chiemelu said his passion for creativity and music had taken hold of him after seeing a lot of talent here on the streets.

“It’s a very competitive industry but there’s a lot of love in it, but like I said it’s all about the fans and your music.

“My goal is to make great musicians who will transcend the continent and use music to build love, peace and unity.

“My vision for 7FIGURE Music is to project and promote any artist under us to become a citizen of the world and use their platform to inspire the next generation, promoting peace and unity among Nigerians, ”he said.

Describing his love for upcoming acts, the founder of 7FIGURE Music, Mr. Franklin Chiekezie Chiemelu, promises to use his platform and his label “7FIGURE Music” to help and project this artist and promises the general public to also use few resources to support the music industry. as the industry is poised to be added to the Nigerian economy in the coming years as it explains how I feel at any given time and reflects who I am, what I want and what I visualize in this music industry “