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Niall Horan tells fans he’s working on new music

February 10, 2022, 5:16 p.m. | Updated: February 10, 2022, 5:19 PM

Niall Horan has spent a lot of time in the studio.

Photo: Alamy/Niall Horan/Instagram

Niall Horan explained his break from online publishing by revealing to fans that he was hard at work on new material.

Niall Horan works to give people what they want… new music!

The pop sensation took to Twitter on Monday (February 7) to give his fans some insight into why he’s been absent from social media.

He revealed he was hard at work on new materials, calling the process “long” – could NH3 be just around the corner?

Niall Horan and girlfriend Amelia Woolley pack on the PDA while on vacation in Mexico

The former One Direction member last released music with Anne-Marie with their hit collaboration “Our Song.”

Before that, he released his second album “Heartbreak Weather”, spawning hits such as “Nice To Meet Ya”.

Niall Horan tells his fans on Twitter that he

Niall Horan tells his fans on Twitter that he is working on some material.

Photo: Aliyah

Niall Horan teases his studio time

Niall Horan teases his time in the studio.

Photo: Niall Horan/Instagram

Niall left a sweet message on his Twitter page for fans, writing, “Hello Lovers. Hope you are all doing well. Making new music and it takes time with long hours.”

Several snaps showing the ‘Slow Hands’ singer in the recording studio can be found on his Instagram page, he clearly puts in hours to bring us new tunes!

“I apologize for not being online much,” he explained his recent silence on social media as he focused on the potential sound of the upcoming album.

He capped off the sweet post by writing “I miss you” to his followers – so cute!

Horan even replied to a fan who asked him what his studio routine was like, to which he replied, “Get up. Go to the gym, eat, studio, bed….. do it again.”

You have to respect the bustle!

We hope that we will soon be able to reap the fruits of Niall’s hard work.

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