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New Orleans Music Industry Apprenticeship Program Launched

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BATON ROUGE – From the economic development of Louisiana:

A program to develop local talent on the business side of the New Orleans music industry is the latest recipient of an award from the Louisiana Entertainment Development Fund. Greater New Orleans Inc. will receive $100,000 per year for two years to kick-start its University Music Industry Career Development Partnership, or MIC’D UP.

The program is designed to create music-focused on-the-job training opportunities that will help music businesses develop local talent. Although the initial focus is on the music industry, the long-term goal of MIC’D UP is to prepare participating businesses to help local artists develop opportunities in film, television, commercials, video games and other entertainment industry platforms.

“Louisiana has done a lot to make music one of America’s most popular art forms, but music is also a business,” Louisiana Economic Development Secretary Don Pierson said. “This new program will enhance Louisiana’s entertainment industry by developing a local workforce for our state’s artist management companies. With the help of our latest Entertainment Development Fund award, GNO Inc. will partner with music industry allies as well as New Orleans-area colleges and universities to implement implement this innovative and rewarding program.

GNO Inc., the regional economic development organization serving the Southeast Louisiana region, will partner and host roundtables between music companies and higher education institutions in the region to create workshops and program topics for trainees. The organization will also be responsible for recruiting university students into the program during their final year of study.

“New Orleans is synonymous with music,” said Michael Hecht, President and CEO of GNO Inc. “Unfortunately, for too long we have failed to translate that musical identity into jobs for our residents. The MIC’D UP Internship Program is part of our effort to change that, training citizens of Greater New Orleans and Louisiana for high-paying jobs in the music industry.

MidCitizen Entertainment is among the local businesses ready to participate. The local artist management company plans to host an intern through the MIC’D UP apprenticeship program.

“Everyone always talks about reinvesting in the New Orleans music industry, but one of the reasons we founded MidCitizen was to show action and lead by example,” said Tavia Osbey, managing partner of the company. “This partnership with GNO Inc. is another opportunity to put an idea into practice and start seeing what produces results for our city. MidCitizen is dedicated to being a valuable participant in the New Orleans music ecosystem and we believe this program has a chance to produce self-sustaining results for years to come – results that are inclusive for aspiring music professionals. music industry from all walks of life.

Since the Entertainment Development Fund launched in March 2021, financial awards have been granted to eight workforce education and training programs in the Northwest, Capital, Bayou and Southern regions -eastern Louisiana. Participants to date include public and private universities, community colleges, middle and high schools, and arts-related nonprofits. Several of the programs have already shown the successful placement of students into high-paying jobs in the Louisiana film industry.