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New music industry support scheme – Tipperary Times

Fine Gael Senator Garret Ahearn encourages people of Tipperary to apply for the 2022 strand of the
Music and Entertainment Business Assistance Program (MEBAS).
Senator Garret Ahearn said: “Performing artists and people in the music industry such as the crew, who are
impacted by covid restrictions, should now prepare to apply for the music and entertainment sector
Aid program announced by the government today.
“€4 million have been reserved for this system as part of the €50 million in support allocated to Live
Entertainment sector by government for 2022.

“Many in the music industry have found themselves ineligible for CRSS (Covid Restrictions Support
Scheme), so we have supported more than 1,000 such people through the MEBAS program in 2021. This program
is similar to the CRSS in that it grants subsidies of up to 15% of the average monthly VAT.
exclusive turnover before the pandemic. It is designed to support those in the music industry who have
have been hit hard by covid with their overheads.

“To be eligible, individuals/independent contractors will have to demonstrate that their 2021 turnover was no longer
more than 40% of their average turnover before the pandemic. Freelancers and sole traders
including performers such as musicians, singers, DJ lighting and sound crew, audio equipment
suppliers will be able to apply.
“The MEBAS program complements other government programs supporting music and live
entertainment sector, including,

 €5 million LPSS 2 – Pantomime program
 €20 million LPSS 3 – Program to cover December/January cancellations
 €5 million Local Live Performance Support Program (LLPSS)
 €4 million Music and Entertainment Support Program (MEBAS)
 €5 million (capital) Commercial Entertainment Capital Grant Scheme (CECGS)
 1 million euros for the St. Patrick’s Day festival

“The government has made this program simpler and easier to access. Minister of Tourism, Culture, Arts,
Gaeltacht, Sport and Media, Catherine Martin, has confirmed that the guidelines are posted on her
The department’s website next Tuesday, January 25, and the program will be open for applications on
Thursday January 27.

“The grant will be paid for six months from January 2022 to June 2022 to help the self-employed
performers, independent traders and businesses that have seen their turnover decline significantly due to
COVID-19. This will help them rebuild as we move towards reopening the economy in 2022.”