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Music producer Jay Beatzz is disrupting the music industry with trap beats

Booming music producer, John Okusanya Olaoluwa, better known as Jay Beatzz, is set to disrupt the music industry by creating hard-hitting trap beats for artists around the world.

In just a few short years since his debut, Jay Beatzz has continued to push the boundaries and made his mark in the music industry working with some of the biggest names in trap music.

Born and raised in Sagamu, Nigeria, Jay seeks to break down geographical barriers drawing inspiration from Post Malone, Yfn Lucci, Future and Quavo among others.

The global music industry has evolved over the years, with the emergence of several acts offering incredible content to meet the needs of music lovers around the world.

Trap, one of the hugely popular musical genres, has seen huge transformations lately, and there seems to be a new kid on the block with the emergence of Jay Beatzz.

The Nigerian trap music producer has already caught the attention of music lovers, with a reputation for beats and producing songs in English.

Some of the songs Jay has produced since his official debut in the industry in 2018 as a high school graduate at the age of 19 include Mama, Without You ft Jazzpa, God Knows by jazzpa, Inside by Olatee.