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Music Industry Executives and Rock Legends Unite to Launch New MUSICART Digital Marketplace

LONDON, January 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Three music industry leaders have come together to launch a groundbreaking platform, MusicArt, which uses cutting-edge blockchain and NFT technology to revolutionize the way we enjoy musical artwork , old and new.

“MusicArt is a unique new NFT platform focused solely on celebrating music-based art and imagery, making it the perfect environment for musicians to exchange their visual art without fear that it will not be lost in a sea of ​​NFTs in unrelated genres on other platforms.” – Peter RupertMusicArt CEO

By running on the BSV blockchain, MusicArt has become the industry leader in terms of royalty payment systems and environmentally friendly operating systems. Using 10,000 times less energy than Ethereum and beating major banking and financial systems, BSV allows MusicArt to operate “On-Chain”, which means that all NFTs and corresponding metadata are minted as STAS tokens. stored directly on the blockchain, as well as the work itself. is stored on the blockchain. This non-custodial service empowers users by allowing them to trade directly from their wallet without the need for intermediaries. Built by Vaionex, MusicArt is the first NFT marketplace using TAAL’s STAS token technology, directly preventing loss of access to user’s art in the event of third-party hosts going down.

By operating on-chain, MusicArt is also able to instantly pay out royalties to creators and artists. Where other marketplaces manually manage royalties resulting in infrequent and random payments, MusicArt users can rest assured of a reliable and secure payment system. Platform creators will earn revenue on initial sales of their NFTs, as well as instant royalties (10-20%) on any resale on the service.

MusicArt is committed to opening the world of digital commerce to newcomers. By accepting a variety of cryptocurrencies and supporting gas fees for the user, the platform makes NFT transaction more accessible than ever.

Looking forward, MusicArt also uses BSV for its scalability. Handling up to 100,000 transactions per second, BSV far beats the 30 transactions per second on Ethereum and competing blockchains.

“In the rapidly developing world of NFT technology, MusicArt is not only excited about the success of the platform, but also about its effect on the environment. With MusicArt, creators can enjoy a reliable new source of revenue. without worrying about the consequences for the planet.” – Peter RupertMusicArt CEO

The platform champions the works of old and new artists. At launch, MusicArt features exclusive pieces from art rock icons. These include the works of the pioneer of contemporary musical art Mike Dubois (The Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers Band, MacFleetwoodThe Rolling Stones), record cover legend Ioannis (Blue Oyster Cult, Deep Purple, Starship) and psychedelic photographer Karl Ferris (Eric ClaptonCream, jimi hendrix).

The initiative is led by Peter Rupertformer head of music at MTV and independent consultant to major music and media companies; Jeff Golembowho held executive positions at Sony and Universal and was previously an MD at MCA Records; Hugues Goldsmith, former RCA MD and founder of Innocent Records; more Dirk Brockhausen PhD, physicist, developer and blockchain expert. MusicArt is launched in cooperation with innovative and revolutionary independent artist portals jamma music & Aurovine.