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Music industry disruptor secures new home after fundraiser | Northwest Deals

A music industry disruptor has moved its growing workforce to Manchester city center studios after raising significant pre-seed capital.

GigPig moved its team to the now fully leased Bridge Street studios after workspace consultancy specialist Level secured the new office contract.

The company is a management and booking platform that connects musicians to venues.

Kit Muir-Rogers, co-founder and head of sales at GigPig, said, “Given our recent growth and increased headcount, we needed a flexible office arrangement that would reinforce our strategy of expansion in the UK.

“Level understood our requirements in full and efficiently provided us with a new home to grow into. UK expansion plans.”

Founded in the first quarter of 2022, Level uniquely represents tenants to find suitable workspaces for their employees at the best value for their business.

Founder and real estate entrepreneur Joe Averill said: “Before starting Level, I was clear in my mind that the office market needed to be leveled. Tenants need it to be leveled and that’s what will always be our mission.

“We have advised companies such as Modern Milkman, Venditio, Kitman Labs, INEVITABLE, Fairmont Recruitment and GigPig.”

GigPig’s office at Bridge Street Studios is on a flexible 12 month lease.