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Music Industry A-Listers Launch Artist Incubator Fund Verswire

New Fund

VEEPS founder SHERRY SAEEDI, BLINK-182’s MARK HOPPUS and manager NICK LIPPMAN have launched a new venture capital startup, VERSWIRE, aimed at serving as a development incubator for emerging and established artists. SAEEDI will serve as CEO, with MYIA INGOLDSBY as Director/A&R and Branding and PETE WENTZ as Strategic Advisor. Other members of the founding team include WARPED TOUR founder KEVIN LYMAN and GUS BRANDT (HOPPUS, FOO FIGHTERS).

SAEEDI said, “The countless technological solutions that allow artists to earn extra money have been a band-aid, while no one has solved the root of the problem: that unfavorable agreements do not allow artists to make money or own their music. Seeing my closest friends put on the backburner or trapped in the deals they signed as they went bankrupt didn’t feel like anyone was offering the right solution for artists, but rather an iteration of the same archaic business model that we’ve seen artists fail time and time again. I decided to build VERSWIRE with an incredible team to rethink the industry and provide musicians with an alternative truly created with their well-being and career as a priority.

HOPPUS added, “I’m very excited to help create a new way for bands and artists to create music for communities, while retaining ownership of their work.”

WENTZ said, “I’ve been a fan of SHERRY and the work she’s done for years, and I can’t wait to be part of the VERSWIRE journey.”

LIPPMAN added, “The relationship between artist and label must be a symbiotic partnership in order to achieve absolute success. VERSWIRE is the culmination of that ideology and something I’m proud to be a part of.

Saeedi, Hoppus, Lippman

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