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Morgan Wallen set up to bring country music back to life after racist insults case

American country singer Morgan Wallen’s career fell apart when he was caught on a racist gang Slur, currently trying to get back to music. According to the deadline, Warren’s label Big Loud released a new single “Sand In My Boots” from Warren’s hit album “Dangerous: The Double Album”. The single still faces an uphill battle when many radio and streaming stations ban it Slur It appeared.

His label said in February that his recording contract had been suspended “indefinitely” and that he had been disqualified from the awards ceremony. The singer is making up for it and recently interviewed co-host Michael Strahan on Good Morning America. In his first interview with Warren since the February incident, he expressed regret over the use of N-word, stating that his actions that night followed heavy drinking for several days.

The singer told Strahan: “We say stupid things together. In our mind, it was just playful. It sounds ignorant, but that’s really where it came from. It’s that I was wrong.” Warren used the term in connection with a drunk white friend. “We were all obviously drunk. I was asking his girlfriend to take care of him,” he explained.

“I think I didn’t know. I don’t think I sat down saying it was right or wrong, ”the singer added. By deadline Since the incident, Warren has been on stage with Luke Bryan and has performed in concert. Jason Aldean At a recent show in Tennessee. (ANI)

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Morgan Wallen set up to revive country music after racist insults case

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