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MENA Music Industry Revenue Growth Announces Launch of First Music Streaming Ranking

IFPI, representing the recording industry worldwide, has announced that streaming music ratings are being developed for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), including the first-ever rating regional of the IFPI. The charts, which are expected to be launched soon, will be the first for music in the region and demonstrate the industry’s interest in the thriving music region.

News of upcoming regional charts in the MENA region follows the release of this year’s Global Music Report, published by IFPI in March, which revealed that recorded music market revenue in the MENA region increased by 35% in 2021, confirming that this is the fastest growing. region in the world. The figures also show that the market is mainly made up of streaming which accounts for 95.3% of the region’s revenues.

The maps are currently being tested in four key countries – Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates – alongside a first such regional map for the MENA region. They will be the result of direct and collaborative partnerships between the industry and the five biggest streaming services in the MENA region – Anghami, Apple, Deezer, Spotify and YouTube.

To accompany the news of the charts and further demonstrate the industry’s interest in the region, IFPI has also conducted new research which shows that people living in the United Arab Emirates listen to an average of 22.5 hours of music per week, which is 22% more than the world average. medium. The study, which explored the musical engagement of people aged 16 to 44 in the country, also found that 54% of people usually listen to at least one Middle Eastern genre. The music consumer study was conducted by IFPI’s Insight and Analysis team in the United Arab Emirates in April 2022. The results are based on responses from a nationally representative panel of 1,560 people aged 16-44 in the United Arab Emirates.

IFPI Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, Rawan Al-Dabbas, said: “This is an incredibly exciting time for music in the region. The combination of upcoming regional charts combined with industry attention and investment in the MENA region going forward demonstrates the exciting future of music in the region. There are challenges, for example unlicensed music is a problem in the region, and IFPI and our member societies are committed to working with governments here in the MENA region to address this issue and ensure that music under license has a solid foundation from which to continue its exciting growth story. .”

The research, along with the map news, was released at the historic IFPI Global Board meeting in Abu Dhabi, marking the first-ever meeting held in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Attended by senior executives from IFPI and major global and independent record labels, they came together to discuss opportunities in the rapidly changing music market in the MENA region.