Folk music

Malavi folk music, dance performed under ‘Gamak’

As part of the Gamak series, Kalidas Sanskrit Academy-Ujjain held a performance of folk music and Malavi dance on Sunday.

Kala Thakur and Lalit Thakur conducted the dance and music performances. It was produced by the artists of the Mayuri Cultural Service Institute in Malwa, Indore.

It should be noted that Kala Thakur is an especially capable artist. By overcoming her shortcomings, she set an example for others. She captivates the audience with her dance. She was born into a poor family in the Manpur village of Mhow Tehsil.

Kala Thakur performs the folk dances Bhavai, Malvi and Bhil. Her special presentation is of Matki dancing by placing a pitcher on her head. She has received numerous national and state awards and distinctions.

Kala Thakur and Lalit Thakur with their team performed Thodo se Jhukja Re Balma, Ratan Kuo Mukh Sankaro, Naitno Jo Tutgyo Dhamdka Se, Saiba Mhane Laiho Karanful Jhumko, Mor Bole Re Malwa Dharti Mein, Thane Mharo Gendo Churayo and Pyaaro Lage group dance to songs like Ji Hamaro Malvo etc.

Shivni Thakur, Neha Thakur, Yuvraj Thakur, Shantilal Chandesari, Lucky Basadwar, Manisha Mati, Ayush Dod, Muskaan Dod, Sheela Sothia, Vanshika Sothia, Divya Rathod, Sneha Dimar danced with Kala Thakur and Lalit Thakur during the presentation.

At the start, the welcome speech was given by Santosh Pandya, director in charge, the program was announced by Pankhuri Waqt Joshi, summoned by Sandeep Nagar and the vote of thanks by Ajoy Mehta.