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Live online broadcast of ‘magnet for pedophiles’, warn police and NSPCC

SSome were extreme and violent, either stumbled or shared. “Someone has sent violent and extreme porn to everyone in the year,” said a 14-year-old boy.

The children, however, were reluctant to reveal their concerns. Two in five students say they have never told anyone about the worst thing that has happened to them online.

While nearly three-quarters (73%) said they trusted their parents when it came to online safety, only 56% said they told them more than once a year.

One in four said they had been harassed online, while in six said they had seen material that encouraged people to self-harm. More than a fifth (22.4%) had seen violent images or videos online, ranging from beheadings to bullying, glorification of self-harm or suicide and cruelty to animals.

Mark Bentley, head of online security and protection at LGfL, said the study reinforced the need for stricter age verification rules, similar to those intended for porn at 18, in order to ensure that children only receive content that is appropriate for their age.

The kids also complained that they got no response when alerting social media companies to an issue. “The reporting channels for users could be dramatically improved,” said Bentley,