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Leigh Library Gardens festival will take place

The NEW “Garden Gatherings” will replace the popular Leigh Folk Festival this year, bringing live music and street performers to the city.

The new festival at Leigh Library Gardens, called The Garden Gatherings, will aim to reunite families over a three-day period in September.

Street food stalls will be set up alongside stages for comedy and live music inside the garden walls.

The Leigh Folk Festival has been delayed this year, with its 30th anniversary slated for June of next year.

Neil Harding, Chairman of Leigh Folk Arts, said: “The Leigh Folk Festival has been a part of Southend’s summer events for almost 30 years, and although Leigh Folk Festival in its traditional format is not viable for our team of organizers volunteers this year, we are proud to offer three well-filled alternative events, collectively dubbed The Garden Gatherings.

“We have a long history of creating fun community events that embrace our philosophy of a broad religious approach to folk music and have incorporated street performances, spoken word, comedy, children’s activities, storytelling. , movies and more in our history.

“In a year where we have been physically separated and the creative industries have been decimated, we can’t wait to bring people together again. ”

Both events were organized by the Leigh Folk Arts group, with funds raised by the Garden Gatherings for the folk festival.

The paid events on Friday September 3 and Saturday September 4 will generate the funds, which will be followed by free community music and art entertainment on Sunday.

This will include children’s artists, street theater, art workshops, dancing and a boutique market.

Ron Sverdloff, who lives in Old Leigh, added: “We all need something to make us smile again, it’s been a tough year.

“As long as he’s not caught up by the hooligans who’ve been tormenting Leigh for a while, that will be great.

“Leigh is getting more and more popular so we have to make the most of it. ”

The Leigh Folk Festival is scheduled for June 3-4, 2022.

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