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Kentucky’s ‘Country Music Capital’ Resumes Live Music Next Week

MOUNT VERNON, Ky. (FOX 56 / WKYT) – Throughout the pandemic, many concert halls have had to shut down, including the Renfro Valley Entertainment Center in Rockcastle County.

The center has looked like a ghost town in recent months, but soon the country music capital of Kentucky will be booming again. They will have a show on November 5th.

Organizers say that without the support of the community, this would not have been possible.

“Confederate Rail Road will be here on the 5th and the Renegades will open and they’re still a fan favorite opener. We’re going to start happy hour early so people can come and see the newly renovated barn, ”said Sarah Smith, Marketing Director of Renfro Valley Entertainment.

Owner John Enne King is thrilled that the facility reopened and wasn’t even sure he made it happen.

“Yes, if we didn’t have Valley Liquors and the RVs, we would probably be closed,” King said.

The place was a big part of Rockcastle County’s social and economic scene and people really missed it.

“They didn’t realize how much we meant to the community until it all ended,” King said.

In the meantime, King says they’ve done a lot of renovations and some people might not even recognize the new place.

“People are going to be shocked that it’s there before,” he said.

The organizers hope to plan more shows and are excited about the future. They’ll be back in action on November 5th and they’re encouraging everyone to buy their tickets online before they’re all sold out.