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Kavita Seth: Our music industry only learns the value of artists after they die

Bollywood playback singer Kavita Seth, who has devoted 17 years of her life to the music industry, expresses her disappointment that “most artists in the music industry are only appreciated after having left the world”.

Citing an example of the KK singer, who died of a heart attack in May, Kavita says, “A few days ago I was telling someone about him. He was gifted with a golden voice and he sang a lot of memorable songs, but I think the industry didn’t exploit his talent as much as it should have. Seth says the industry often fails to realize the value of artists over their lifetime. It’s not until they’re dead that everyone starts talking about all the nice things. “After KK passed away, everyone had something positive to say about his work, his talent, etc. but while he was alive, the same people didn’t care to give him the respect he deserved. Baad me aap shraddhanjali dete arho, koi farak nahi padta,” she adds.

As the singer continues to grapple with who’s to blame for artists not getting their due, she asks everyone – industry and audience alike – to take a moment and acknowledge the talented artists who, in moments like these, have managed to yield iconic songs with a 10-year lifespan.

“It shows that they have potential,” she remarks, and goes on to say that it’s high time people started focusing on this issue and started valuing good artists in our music industry like us. we did it with pillars like Mohammad Rafi Sahab or Kishor Da. Here, I’m not just talking about me; all gems must be appraised before it’s too late. So even after they leave the world behind, their work stays with us to cherish,” says the singer, who herself has given classics like Iktara (Wake up Sid), Dil-E-Nadaan (A Suitable Boy) and Rang Saari (Jugjugg Jeeyo).

When asked if she feels the same way about herself when it comes to getting enough work and credit in the industry, Kavita agrees.

She says, “I think about it sometimes, but what can we do? I believe that everyone is too busy in their life to think of others. Nevertheless, I am not bothered because I do a lot of work by myself. There are so many things I have planned in terms of work that one lifetime probably won’t be enough to make it happen. So, I’m quite happy to be able to do a good job without any outside interference,” concludes Kavita, who is now busy with her live events and recording the poetry she has composed over the years.