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Johnny Galvatron’s “The Artful Escape” is a journey of discovery

Imagine you are the nephew of a legendary folk music icon, about to give your first concert. The only thing is that you are really not sure if you want to follow the path that seems to be laid out. This is the dilemma of young Francis Vendetti in Johnny Galvatron’s visionary game, The artistic escape. Johnny Galvatron is a true Australian rock star, signed to a label and going on tour before finishing his university studies. The artistic escape is his way of reconnecting with a side of music that he didn’t have the opportunity to explore earlier.

Using stunning visuals and searing guitar shredding, Francis Vendetti’s encounter with intergalactic rock legend Lightman takes him on a journey to find out who he is not. Johnny built a small studio, Beethoven Dinosaur, to create the game only for iPad, but interest from publisher Annapurna Interactive broadened the scope of the game, with console releases and world-class voice acting talent.

Now that he has a first outing under his belt, Johnny and the rest of the Beethoven Dinosaur team are already hard at work on another game.

List of episodes:

composer of all tracks by Johnny Galvatron and Josh Abrahams

The artistic escape: Darkest hour theme; The town of Glimmer; Hélio Tromms theme; Folk sci-fi bedroom, Hyperion howl zone in F major; Ode to Lightman; The banks of the river are edged with gold

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Thanks to Dick Roberts for the production help and Jules Engel, Forty-seven communications