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Jamerican Boss is a rising star in the music industry

Dancehall/rap musician American boss, formerly known as Fendi’Fiasco, was born in Brooklyn, New York, and is currently classified as a British rap artist. Jamerican Boss was one of seven siblings when he was born on July 24, 1990. “Growing up, I got a lot of help; my large family served as my personal cheerleaders. I always knew that at least seven people supported me for free wherever I went and in everything I did. He stated. Around 2012, Jamerican, an American-born rapper, collaborated with French Montana and the Cokeboys. Jamerican Boss would focus on changing his musical genre, flow, and preferred musical language over the next four years to become a dancehall artist. Less than a month after beginning his transition into a dancehall artist, American boss released their first unofficial single, “teak cat,” more ArmzHouseRecords‘First capital riddim. Many eyes and ears became hooked on this newfound fame when “Tek Chat” was released. “Aidonia was the first dancehall artist to engage with me on a growth level; it’s been a blessing ever since. I will always appreciate Di Don Voice Aidonia, the unique voice. He’s the first musician with a platform to recognize my talent, and you can’t pass that up. American boss actively pursues a musical career and has been causing a sensation in the public for several months. After the Track Release Performance Woodstocks BUDSGIVING event on November 19, American boss will finally release his highly anticipated single “Party Turn Up” from producer/selector JJEvaFrass, the one and only “Frass House Riddim”. This song has been one of Jamerican Boss’ most anticipated tracks for 6 years.