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How I stay relevant in Nigeria’s competitive music industry De-Loonie

Nigerian musician Okere Darington, deeply known by his stage name De-Loonie, has revealed how he remains relevant in the Nigerian music industry.

The music industry, being a very competitive ground, has seen a lot of musicians fall out of their peak stage because they couldn’t keep up with the constant changes. While some artists step out of the limelight, even more do reach the limelight.

De-Loonie, a talented musician who has worked in the industry for over a decade, noted that to stay afloat in the music industry, the ability of musicians to adapt to change is very important.

The enviable singer revealed that sounds aren’t always constant, and if a musician can’t increase their playing as they go, that musician will disappear.

“To adapt to the change, to the change in sound even though my content remains the same and to merge my musical style with other musicians with a wide range of fans,” he said.

De-Loonie added that consistency, confidence and originality are important qualities of a great musician while discussing how he handled college degrees, other jobs and businesses with music.

In his words: “I have been making music professionally for over 10 years now and can say that being consistent has been a big challenge, especially combining it with a college degree and mini-jobs and businesses to survive in a system that has not been too fair.

“During my journey so far, I have learned that consistency and confidence are everything. I also learned that originality and uniqueness always stand out and that wonderful music with relevant lyrics is still relevant today.

“I also learned that humility is very important to respect the pioneers and ancestors of the game but not to lose self-esteem. I have learned to be proud of my content and to be humble to those who have made it to the top and to appreciate those who are still arriving.