Music industry

How I planned to take over the music industry —Sassy P

Take over and dominate are two words that could describe Sassy P’s project for the Nigerian music industry.

The Lagos-native singer during a conversation with R revealed that she is ready to leave her mark on the sands of time and through her new single, “Bolanle”, which will be released very soon, adding that she also wishes that the younger generation learn from it.

“My plan is to dominate the music industry; I want my music to inspire, teach, preach and uplift people. I want to communicate to the world the desires and dreams of young minds like me, ”she said.

Angel added that she wanted to use the music industry as a motivational channel for the young people of this generation to push them to achieve their dreams and she can only do that by releasing songs and albums as well as organizing concerts as often as possible.

“I want to use the music industry as a way to motivate and help young people live their dreams in all areas they find themselves in the current decade, I want to release songs frequently and release albums as often as possible to feed the appetites of my fans, so I would love to organize concerts here in Nigeria, in Africa and around the world, ”she added.

She described music as the voice that gives her the power to overcome anything and that has enabled her to rise to the challenge of taking the Nigerian music industry to a new level with her unique style and sounds.

While speaking further, the singer revealed that she is not threatened by any form of competition or criticism, as what gives her the edge over her female counterparts is her uniqueness in delivering the sounds. .

“I am ready to take the industry on a very eventful adventure with my unique style and sounds, I believe we are all different in the way we do things, a big part of the winning strategy is to master my craft , I go all out without any limitations because I want to make my mark and be known as one of the best female artists the world has ever known, ”she noted.


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