Folk music

GT Audioworks, Pass Laboratories, Lampizator, Small Green Computer and Magnan

GT Audioworks introduced its Reference 3 plane ribbon speakers ($ 49,000 / pair), which debuted in January 2021.

Described on the GT Audioworks website as follows: “Full range planar driver, 72” x 10 “, ribbon tweeter, 72” x1 / 2 “, [at]4 ohms, 92 dB, 40 Hz to 30 kHz ”, with an optional active subwoofer (60 Hz to 15 Hz) – these large flat speakers and subwoofer columns were driven by Pass Laboratories XA160.8 monoblocks ( $ 27,300 / pair). The preamplification tasks were performed by the Pass Laboratories XP-32 preamp ($ 17,500). A VPI HW-40 Direct Drive turntable played vinyl in a Pass Laboratories XS phono preamp ($ 45,000). A Lampizator Pacific DAC ($ 30,750) rendered music from digital files, aided by a Roon Small Green Computer Sonic Transporter i9 “optical storage” server ($ 3,075) and a Signature Rendu SE optical audio streamer (4490 $). The music signal passed through the Magnan Signature RCA ($ 1,800) and Magnan XLR balanced ($ 1,200) interconnects and the Magnan Signature speaker cables ($ 1,225). The Richard Gray Power Company substation ($ 2,995) and RGPC 400 ($ 795) improved the air conditioning entering the system.

Playing contemporary folk music while I was there, the GT Audio Works system sounded punchy and spacious with a wide, deep and wide soundstage.