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Gareth Emery gets real about the struggles of the music industry

At one point or another, we’ve all heard the debate about what makes a successful musical artist. Do they stick to their original sound or do they have to experiment with different sounds? What looked more like a casual conversation apparently made its way into the The music industry in its entirety. Gareth Emery uses a recent situation to highlight this problem.

Emery made the rounds to promote his new album ‘ANALOG,’ as shown in his recent post. However, it received heavy criticism, with one saying that if an artist is known for something, they should “stick to it”. As a result, the music producer uses the situation to expose the harsh reality of the music industry.

Gareth Emery posted an image to social networks of an e-mail response that his manager received. The email says Emery should stick to something he’s known for, later calling his music “drug rave music”.

To make matters worse, the unknown recipient states that “Gareth is lucky to have ‘a’ big fan base, which makes it a reason for the dance artist to keep making the music he’s for.” is known”. The email later uses the success of an unidentified artist to buttress its argument, ultimately dismissing Emery’s new album in the process.

Gareth Emery responds

“If you’re wondering why so much of the music you hear is real shit, it’s because people like this — a superpowered radio promoter — always have disproportionate influence,” the post explains. “They basically think you’re stupid and will actively refuse to work on anything that isn’t what they’ve decided you’re going to be spoon-fed that month.”

Emery has received emails like this about “ANALOG” before, but was triggered when the recipient misspoke about their supporters. Therefore, he chose to share the email, to show “everything wrong with the legacy music industry…”

“Anyway, I’m trying to detach myself from the results of this album,” Emery concludes. “I couldn’t have worked harder on the music. I will give everything I can to promote the songs and the live show. After that, what happens, happens.

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