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Garbage’s Shirley Manson Slams Live Music Industry For Unfair Treatment Of Musicians

Even though being an artist in the industry gives some people the opportunity to become rich and famous, there are also musicians who find it difficult to spread their art to the world due to several issues. Recently, Garbage singer Shirley Manson shared a powerful statement about the issue.

The singer began the lengthy Instagram post with a hard-hitting line, writing, “Live music is under tremendous pressure.” She went on to explain that the average musician who works in the industry can no longer survive and thrive due to the current conditions.

Many people have sought to have their talents noticed by the public, but they did not know that the system does not compensate creators for their artistic production under this type of economic injustice.

“Everyone is fighting for a handful of venues to earn a small amount of money to hold them until the next show, with most navigating without a dollar’s worth of insurance,” she said, citing an example. . (via Loudwire)

Later in his statement, Manson noted that big corporations or record labels make huge amounts of money from their artists, but they don’t share the profits with the people who performed the song or an album.

If this kind of system were to prevail, the singer said there would be no new generation of artists because the public would lose them.

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Shirley Manson describes the future of the music industry if this type of system continues

The singer noted that there have been many musicians throughout history that audiences have adored because of their talent, but she knows they would have been “completely destroyed” by the current system.

She added that singers cannot survive without being paid fairly for what they truly deserve.

When it comes to his industry, the live scene, Manson fears that if he fails, “the whole ship completely sinks” and the only thing that will survive is mainstream music still playing safe because it’s not not “dangerous”, not “weird” and it only lasts one album cycle.

Shirley Manson concluded her message by saying that it strikes her as a great pain for her culture.

In the end, she also joined the official Instagram account of Union of Musicians and Allied Workers, also known as UMAW, an organization that fights for the rights of people within the music industry and seeks fair treatment.

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