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Fuji’s Sensational Vibe Dominates Nigerian Music Industry – Benny Lee

From a regular performer to a sensational vibe taking the music industry by storm.

Bennylee wraps up 2021 as a good year after seeing the hit “Laye” featuring Zlatan put the afro-fusion star on the map and earning him much more recognition with his impressive, superstar delivery.

In August 2021, Laye was released and immediately takes off and continues to make impressive numbers in music stores and also cause an evolving stir in Nigeria’s hometown with back-to-back airplays and music video viewing.

Laye at the time was one of the biggest songs to hit the country and brought great recognition from artist to Fuji hitman Bennylee.

Prior to Laye’s release, the Fuji star was making music official and had been known to many since 2016 with songs like “labalaba”, “subsidy” and “ile owo”, earning him instant recognition from the Kuti family and was honored. with a congratulatory performance in which the entertainer never disappoints and becomes the star he is today.

Bennylee already has two major EPs in the title of ‘Omo Mama Eleja’ and ‘The Tribe Benjamin’.


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