Frank Iero fell off a ladder, broke one wrist and sprained another

My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero fell from a ladder over the weekend resulting in injuries to both wrists, breaking one while spraining the other. But he seems to be doing fine – we promise.

On Instagram, Iero shared a photo (see below) that showed his two outstretched arms fitted with splints, wrapped in a standard beige bandage.

“Okay that’s not ideal…” he began, “but this weekend I fell off a ladder and broke my right wrist and sprained the left. I thought this was the easiest way to let everyone know why it’s hard to bounce emails and texts. “

The guitarist also noted that he should probably “postpone or need more time for any work-related effort” and apologized, “Sorry, but know I’m more disappointed than you are.”

My Chemical Romance, which reunited in late 2019, was originally scheduled to embark on its return tour in 2020, but postponed those dates to 2021. Iero’s injury would have been even more devastating if this rescheduled tour had not been postponed. as well as the group, in April, cited the ongoing pandemic as a reason to postpone the much-anticipated race to fall 2022.

Still, the ax man My Chem took care of other projects and abandoned the Heaven is a place, it’s a place EP with Frank Iero and the Future Violents in January and, less than a week ago, he teased an upcoming debut live with his black metal band, Bloodnun.

We wish Frank Iero a speedy and full recovery. Recover quickly.

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