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Dorothy Carvello, music industry veteran and acclaimed author, creates ‘Face the Music Now Foundation’ for survivors of sexual abuse in the music industry

The Foundation will support the mental and financial well-being of survivors

NEW YORK, April 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dorothy Carvello, music industry veteran and first female A&R executive for Atlantic Records, today announced the launch of the Face the Music Now Foundation, an organization created by and for victims of harassment. and sexual abuse in the music industry. The Foundation will provide a safe space for survivors, while focusing on addressing institutionalized abuse that has plagued the music industry for decades without any public accountability.

Within the music industry, 72% of female musicians report discrimination and 67% say they have experienced sexual harassment.1 “As a survivor myself, I have seen and experimented first-hand how sexual harassment and abuse affects survivors psychologically, financially and professionally. It’s not about the money; it’s about helping them put the pieces back together,” commented Dorothee Carvello. “This is about widespread, decades-old abuses of power in the music industry. We want to help survivors find their voice and take back some of what they’ve lost.”

Despite the proliferation of the #MeToo movement across many industries, the music industry has yet to have the same judgment despite a number of recent high-profile cases. Face the Music Now Foundation aims to not only expose the reality of what has been happening in the industry for decades and demand accountability, but also to pave the way for survivors to tell their stories and reclaim their lives. The Foundation aims to limit the industry-wide use of NDAs that have silenced survivors and allowed abusers to continue their predatory behavior without any repercussions.

“These big, publicly traded companies are protecting predators and it’s time their shareholders know how their money is being used. For far too long the music industry has turned a blind eye to sexual abuse and harassment, and we’ve been waiting a long time for that to change,” Carvello added.

Joining Carvello is a diverse group of individuals inside and outside the industry who all share a passion for bringing the issue of abuse in the music industry to light. Board members include:

  • Beverly BowlingDean of MTSU’s College of Media and Entertainment and a music industry activist who works for gender and race equality in the music industry
  • Bruce Robertsolo writer and performer with an extensive repertoire, who has written songs for artists ranging from Barbra Streisand to Elton John
  • wild robformer special agent of the American secret services in charge of all the missions of protection and investigation within the Los Angeles region

“Throughout my career in the music industry, journalism and now in academia, I have seen how the industry operates largely outside of traditional office norms,” said Beverly Bowling. “It’s the loneliness of being the only woman in the room, and working with Dorothy and the Foundation, I focus on empowering those who have experienced abuse to speak up and to ensure that that our future leaders do not perpetuate the abuse of power that has become all too common.”

The Foundation is committed to educating a new generation of aspiring music industry leaders to believe in equality and fair treatment in the workplace and to finally making the music industry safer for all.

About the Face the Music Now Foundation

The Face the Music Now Foundation was created to shine a light on sexual abuse and harassment in the music industry, demand accountability and change, and pave the way for survivors to tell their stories and take ownership their life. It is a trusted resource and safe space for survivors who have suffered physical, psychological and financial harm. For more information about the Face the Music Now Foundation, visit

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1 MIRA survey of musicians Avril-June 2018

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