Direct Lender closes on Baltimore, MD, Seaport Office Tower

The property is exceptionally positioned for leases to state agencies, which are expected to relocate from the central state area to the CBD after from Maryland Downtown revitalization plan 2019 Baltimore. The sponsor expects to intercept some of this matter as the property in question is only two blocks from the Convention Center and Inner Harbor with state and federal courts and various administrative agencies nearby.

“This property needed an urgent financing solution to take advantage of the rental opportunities that now present themselves. The sponsor has shown their commitment to the project and we are delighted to make an already attractive asset even more attractive, ”said the partner and co-manager Jason jarjosa, who is based in Bloomfield’s Birmingham, MI office. “We were delighted to execute this complex loan on an asset so important to Baltimore,” he added.

The sponsor has started to market and pre-lease the building prior to the renovations and plans to welcome new tenants during the term of the Bloomfield Capital loan prior to refinancing with conventional debt.

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