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Data Vault Holdings will revolutionize the music industry with an exclusive partnership with recording artist, television personality and entrepreneur Ray J and his family

New Partnership Empowers Artists to Build New Revenue Streams and Engage a Fanbase Through Data Analytics and Monetization with Datavault’s Patented Encryption Technology

NEW YORK, May 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Data Vault Holdings, Inc., a leader in the visualization, evaluation and monetization of tokenomics and metaverse data, today announced its partnership with top-selling music artists Ray J and his family, who will use Datavault’s cryptographic technology to access additional sources of income from already existing data accumulated during their career. Datavault® will provide artists like Ray J with the capabilities to access the metaverse and develop better business models for their music, from data-driven business decisions to NFT minting and trading. Datavault’s patented platform will enable Ray J and his family to tap into new opportunities that connect with fans to discover their music, extract legitimate revenue from world famous music careers and help reshape the music industry in collaboration with predictive analytics and AI-backed data. Datavault monetization tools®.

Ray J has carved out an illustrious career in music and entertainment and is a multi-platinum artist with hit songs such as “A wish“. He is also the star of “Love And Hip Hop: Hollywood“. It has adapted to the rapidly changing music industry due to the growth of the Internet and streaming services. In partnership with Datavault®Ray J has pioneered new innovations for artists and increased control and revenue from their art through the consolidation, evaluation, analysis and monetization of data acquired during their illustrious careers.

Commenting on the launch, Ray J said, “I have been approached by several NFT minting and trading platforms. I chose to partner with Datavault.® because of their commitment to cybersecurity and because Datavault® allows the artist to connect with the fans through its amazing patented system which stands out from others. That’s what stood out to me.”

“We’re incredibly thrilled to partner with such accomplished artists – people who have set the trends in music, fashion, film, TV, and more. Ray J is an accomplished artist and entrepreneur who provides the role model and inspiration to many artists today.Our platform is well suited to the music and entertainment space, as it offers artists a way to earn additional income on top of what they earn in as recording artists. Their data is first consolidated and then analyzed using Datavault’s predictive analytics and monetization tools. Along with Ray J and his family, we’ll help cultivate a more rewarding experience for his fans. , and also to create new sources of income for his already very successful career. It is with pleasure that Datavault® helps enable the full financial capability of their musical and artistic talents,” says Nathaniel Bradleyco-founder and CEO of Data Vault Holdings.

Today, musical artists derive their income from a variety of sources: record sales, streaming platforms, advertising, fashion and merchandising, live performances, to name a few. Yet, as access to music and its derivative products has become more readily available, artists have had to remain nimble and pivot to create music that speaks from the heart while remaining profitable. The Datavault® will help artists like Ray J aggregate content and monetize that data to create new streams of value, or turn it into valuable insights that inspire more effective business decisions.

Datavault’s patented encryption technology will help create new opportunities for music artists with the data they have obtained through sources and experiences during their careers. Datavault® will provide artists with a solid foundation to maximize the potential of the latent data at their disposal. Artists can use aggregated, valued and monetized data through Datavault® as follows :

  • Social Media Tracking: An artist can track mentions, likes, and posts to leverage data across multiple social media platforms. They can use this information to develop an action plan that meets specific fan desires, creating a more engaged and loyal fan base.
  • Soundtracks: Datavault® can normalize data from various sources throughout an artist’s career – playlists, music platform usage, streaming statistics, global radio tracking, and more. This information can help global artists like Brandy and Ray J more intelligently predict their next “big hit” or develop strategic marketing to expertly maintain and/or grow their fan base.
  • AI-based predictive analytics: Datavault’s comprehensive suite of tools can aggregate data from streaming platforms, national and global circulation, music listener reactions and musical interests of an artist’s fanbase, and more, to inform an artist’s next phrase and make predictions based on AI and reaction data. consumers, fans and the music industry.

Additionally, artists can exchange data themselves through Datavault’s Information Data Exchange (IDE), with monetized data objects in the form of tokens to buy and sell through the highly secure and powered IDE. by blockchain. Datavault’s patented platform also gives artists tools to create NFTs. Brandy and Ray J can increase their earning potential with existing music, collectibles, and physical items to create unique experiences for fans.

Top performers and performers like Ray J and his family have myriad opportunities sitting in solid catalogs of information collected over their esteemed careers and lives. Datavault® is the means by which they can take advantage of the revenue-generating capabilities of the data they have acquired. The data will disrupt the music industry and has the potential to serve as a new partner and ally for artists and the recording industry as a whole. In summary, Datavault’s crypto technology will help artists harness their full creative and financial power, unlocking opportunities within the metaverse.

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Data Vault Holdings Inc. is a technology holding company that provides a proprietary cloud-based platform for delivering branded data-driven cryptocurrencies. Data Vault Holdings Inc. provides businesses with the tools to securely monetize data assets through its Information Data Exchange® (IDE). The company is finalizing the consolidation of its subsidiaries Data Donate Technologies, Inc., ADIO LLC and Datavault Inc. as wholly owned subsidiaries under a single corporate structure. Learn more about Data Vault Holdings Inc. here.

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