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Country Music Memories: Alabama Goke Adrapple Platinum

36 years ago today (July 30, 1985), Alabama There were 8 million reasons to celebrate. It was on that day that the group were the first country to achieve 4 Platinum status, but it was more than once. The group made great achievements on both 1981 albums. i feel very ok And the years 1982 Mountain music..

I feel very good, Includes three # 1 singles from Alabama’s second album released on RCA Victor: “Old Flame”, “Love in the First Degree” and the title track. All three singles from Mountain musicTitles such as “Close Enough to Perfect” and “Take Me Down” also reached the top of the charts.

Alabama’s # 1 hit began with RCA Victor’s last two year one singles, “Tennessee River” and “Why Lady Why”. My home in Alabama, And went on to 14 singles from 5 albums. The legendary country group’s single “Tar Top” from 1987 Only U.S, Peaked in 7th place. However, despite the huge success of the time, frontman Randy Owen The group says they remained uncomfortable when the song hit number one.

“I was concerned that my ability to stay loyal to who Alabama would be diminished. [we would]Radio stations just take it off the shelf and spin it around to make a song with record # 1, ”Owen admits. No depression.. “It was related to me. I don’t know what other people think about it, but I have a song you wrote and I think, “It’s an Alabama song.” You just feel, ‘This is us.’ “

To date, Alabama has sold over 75 million albums.

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Country Music Memories: Alabama Goke Adrapple Platinum

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