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AVENGED SEVENFOLD singer says streaming saved music industry, touches on ‘bitter’ old bands

avenged sevenfold singer Mr. Shadows is very pro-streaming. In an interview with The Bob Lefsetz Podcast, Shadows said streaming is essentially the next logical step in listening to music. Shadows recalled a time when avenged sevenfold burned their CDs and distributed them, then jumped on the Napster and Limewire bandwagon when it arrived. He adds that “as soon as I was able to get rid of CDs and get a streaming service, I jumped on it”, saying he didn’t like having to carry around CDs and deal with the Discman player.

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Shadows also mentioned the surprise of the release of the 2016 avenged sevenfold album The scene, which was originally only available on streaming services. He notes that there’s been a lot of fan reaction, but streaming is definitely the way to get known and heard lately.

“Years later, we made this surprise outing [The Stage], we had the pushback, and it kind of shocked us. I think every time you talk to people about streaming, and you have all these old bands who are bitter about it, it’s very weird. They’re still in 2022 talking about the fact that music doesn’t make money, nobody buys our CDs. Maybe you are irrelevant? Let’s be relevant, put our hat in the ring so when they listen bieber Where The weekendthey can jump over Metallic and avenged sevenfold. We play in the same park here.

“It always made sense to me, but you always have these people who are like, ‘Streaming killed the industry, and now we have to do this and we have to do that.’ No, streaming kind of saved the industry, it kind of saved the user, I call them the web 2.0 user, the fan can listen to you anytime, so how are you going to get their attention? you be the best thing going through their ear holes that day?

“That’s what we should be striving for and not arguing over whether we should put it on CD or vinyl or streaming. The battle has already been won. I don’t really have a good answer to that, I just think that sometimes we get stuck in our ways, and the metal really dug our heels in on that, ‘We’re not going to move forward with the rest of the world. We kind of like it that way.'”

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