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With Viral Smash ‘Hrs and Hrs’, Muni Long shows the music industry how it’s done

Overnight success has been a long time coming for Muni Long. The artist formerly known as Priscilla Renea landed a recording deal with Capitol in the late 2000s due to a viral YouTube hit. Pigeonholated and misunderstood, her artistic endeavor did not take off, but she quickly established herself as one of the industry’s go-to […]

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How I stay relevant in Nigeria’s competitive music industry De-Loonie

Nigerian musician Okere Darington, deeply known by his stage name De-Loonie, has revealed how he remains relevant in the Nigerian music industry. The music industry, being a very competitive ground, has seen a lot of musicians fall out of their peak stage because they couldn’t keep up with the constant changes. While some artists step […]

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Footprint Analytics: will NFTs disrupt the music industry in the near future?

At the end of 2021, Collins Dictionary named “NFT” the word of the year. Non-fungible tokens have already rocked the art world and have become a household name. When you say “NFT” most people will at least understand that this is some kind of computerized image. However, NFT technology has equal or greater potential for […]

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Golub Capital Chairman Speaks on Direct Lender’s ‘Best Year Ever’ and More

Direct lender Golub Capital nearly tripled its loans last year to over $ 36 billion. Private equity firms are increasingly turning to direct lenders for loans formerly managed by banks. David Golub sees business continuing to explode in 2022, even as rates rise. Direct lender Golub Capital just ended a record year fueled by the […]

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China’s push to end market monopoly targets music industry

Chinese copyright regulators have banned digital music platforms from signing exclusive copyright licensing agreements except in special circumstances as the country tightens its grip on the market monopoly. China’s National Copyright Administration said on Thursday that the new rule was developed as a result of “complicated copyright issues involving musical works” and to “promote good […]

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What makes Austin the live music capital of the world?

Austin has seen legendary musicians rise to fame in his embrace – none other than Janis Joplin, Roky Erikson, Willie Nelson, Gary Clark Jr., Bob Schneider and Shakey Graves have made their home in the city. Austin’s music scene rivaled that of much larger cities like New York and Los Angeles, winning the title of […]

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Ghana’s music industry can do better – DopeNation

Ghanaian music duo, DopeNation, claim that while the Ghanaian music industry is thriving, it can do better and excel more for the benefit of its stakeholders. Giving an assessment of the music industry, the music duo, in an interview on TV3 NewDay, said the industry could do better by paying more attention to artists and […]

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Mickey Guyton opens up about racism in the music industry

Mickey Guyton sits down with Latin pop superstar Becky G to offer a glimpse of her experience tackling racism and sexism in country music in a new clip from Facebook Watch that is being broadcast exclusively through Taste of Country and The Boot. “Do you feel, since you started, that there has been a change? […]

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Streaming services have revolutionized the business model of the music industry | Way of life

SEATTLE – When KEXP DJ Gabriel Teodros started living on his own at the age of 18, he made a living selling CDs of his hip-hop music. He sold about 20 CDs for $ 10 each time he performed in a show (normally 40 to 80 times a year, which works out to about $ […]

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The Rise of the African Music Industry – Trend Outlook 2022 |

through Jason johnson 2021 has been an incredible and record-breaking year for the African music industry and we would all agree that African music has never been so popular around the world. After a global lockdown and a 2020 pandemic, we have seen the rise of musical talent across the continent, with renewed dynamism to […]