Music industry

Audiomack launches new guide to help emerging artists in the music industry

Audiomack has announced the Audiomack Artist Guide, an all-in-one platform that provides budding artists and musicians with a comprehensive online resource for navigating the music industry.

The free guide acts as an artist encyclopedia, with a comprehensive glossary that defines important music industry words, answers to frequently asked questions from today’s leading industry experts, and a wide range of articles to help creators understand all aspects of the music industry.

“It’s hard for a new artist to know where to go and who to trust while building a career in music,” said Brendan Varan, Vice President of US Content Strategy at Audiomack. “The Audiomack Artist Guide is a free educational resource for artists at every stage of their career.”

Protecting copyrights, booking performances, balancing a marketing budget, organizing a tour, selling merchandise, signing with a publisher, executing a rollout, and more. more are all covered in the Audiomack Artist Guide. Artist managers, record label executives, entertainment lawyers, producers, and engineers, among others, provide their insights on the site.

The Artist Guide confirms Audiomack’s dedication to empowering and educating artists so they have the knowledge they need to succeed in their careers. Audiomack recently launched the Creator app in February 2022. The companion app, which has amassed 100,000 MAUs in less than three months, allows artists to receive comprehensive streaming analytics for their new music, letting them know more about their fans’ listening habits, identify the geographic markets where they receive the best streaming engagement, identify trendsetters who support their music, and gauge long-term growth.