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Animal Concerts is aligned to revolutionize the music industry and prepare it for Web 3.0 in the most interconnected way by BTC peers

Animal Concerts is aligned to revolutionize the music industry and prepare it for Web 3.0 in the most interconnected way

Animal Concerts is a next-generation entertainment platform at the crossroads of distributed ledger technology, cryptocurrencies, virtual reality, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The project’s goals are ambitious as they seek to take control of a massive entertainment industry that has been largely disrupted by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The world’s top 4 management companies, WME, United Talent CAA and Paradigm, approach Animal Concerts as a leader in the Metaverse concert space.

Live concerts have already been held in conjunction with the platform featuring recording artists Alicia Keys, Grammy-winning rapper Future and Busta Rhymes. With such a drop in live concert ticket sales (from $23 billion to $8 billion between 2019 and 2020), it stands to reason that an online metaverse would be an incredible way to grow this industry. He plans to hire global ticketing agents Ticketmaster, Eventbrite (NYSE:) and Resident Advisor for sales, to name a few.

The project goes further than simply providing an alternative venue for recording artists to host concerts. It opens up whole new revenue generation models, enables enhanced user experience, provides native cryptocurrency for purchases, and brings NFTs into the mix. Concerts can be streamed in 2D and 3D metaverses with 360-degree cameras and VR headset integration. Perhaps most important is the fact that Animal Concerts allows recording artists to keep 50% of revenue from ticket sales and NFT. This provides a fairer system than the previous model where centralized parties get the lion’s share and do little to improve the experience.

Another major selling point will be that the door price will be reduced for many concerts. Having to pay for a venue that could hold thousands of people was expensive before online entertainment arrived. In the age of Covid-19, of course, the concert couldn’t even take place without going live. And it could easily go beyond filling the void left by a lack of physical presence. Online concerts are available to anyone, anywhere, as long as they have a device and an internet connection. A once lucrative market just got bigger by making geo-restrictions superfluous and opening the doors wide.

The reality is that the live concert and online entertainment industry is obsolete, and platforms like Animal Concerts are needed to bring it back to life. Animal Concerts doesn’t just fill a void, but seeks to deliver an entertainment experience that goes beyond what’s come before with new sales mechanics, in-depth insights through online attendance analytics, VR integration for viewers, celebrity marketing and concert tokenization.

While the industry is being overhauled, Animal Concerts will still use some aspects of the centralized model for quite some time. This is reflected in the fact that they will be working with some of the world’s biggest names in marketing and sales and using a hybrid model to test what works. The white paper says it will perfectly complement the old infrastructure. They are paired with a mix of decentralized (Decentraland, Netvrk, NFT artists, etc.) and centralized (Capture Studios, Segi TV, Maxim, etc.) entities to strike the right balance.

The platform also has significant financial support and partnerships. They recently closed a $6.75 million private round and raised $800,000 in token sales across five decentralized launchpads. Major backers included ZMT Capital, Maven Capital, Metrix Capital, Magnus Capital, Skybridge20, Arkn, Amesten Capital, Greenhorns Capital, Brotherhood VC, Interstellar Ventures and Sheesha Finance. Notable angel investors included Alex Smirnov (the co-founder of deBridge), Heslin Kim (the co-founder of SupraOracles), Theodore Agranat (the co-founder of AlphaCrypto) and Yuen Ho Wong (the CEO of Labs Group) .

The next step on the Animal Gig roadmap is a centralized exchange listing on AscendEX. This will further increase the exposure of the ANML token so that the general public can gain access to an entertainment industry specific token. ANML will be exchanged for USDT and AscendEX serves over 1 million international customers. You can expect to see them having their IEO in the first quarter of this year!

Ultimately, Animal Concerts is a game-changer poised to disrupt the way fans interact with celebrities and the way viewers enjoy online entertainment in the metaverse. Online entertainment and live concerts are enhanced and we are witnessing the birth of a new industry through a combination of innovative technologies. Animal concerts could be the glue that holds together the many elements of the new online entertainment metaverse.

About Animal Concerts

Animal Concerts are building the next generation of live events in the Metaverse. We’re revolutionizing the music industry for fans and artists everywhere: delivering one-of-a-kind physical gigs with big-name artists, collaborating on NFT releases, streaming live to the metaverse, and tokenizing all experience.

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