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Adele’s nails — and the release date for her first music since 2015 | Times2

Well, obviously we have to talk about it. I may talk of nothing else until October 15.
What? Who?

Adele. What, you want to keep talking about the fuel crisis?
No. I absolutely want to talk about Adele.

Great. So, her nails.
Er, her nails? Didn’t she just announce a launch date for her new single? Her first piece of new music since 2015? The album we have all collectively been waiting for, desperate for the melodies, lyrics and instrumentals that will break our hearts and make us drunk-text our exes? Isn’t that what we should be talking about?

Not when we can deep-dive into the witchy acrylics she is sporting in the teaser trailer on Instagram. On which, there is so much to unpack.

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