Adele Presents Highly Anticipated New Song “Easy on Me” For Fans

Adele gave fans a glimpse into their lives!

The 33-year-old singer shared an exclusive clip from her upcoming single “Easy on Me” with fans during an Instagram Live on Saturday. Although it took Adele a few minutes to get used to the features of Instagram Live, the singer made it worth it to the fans who showed up.

At one point during the live, the singer performed a short snippet of the highly anticipated debut single from her new album.

“There is no gold in this river that I have washed my hands in forever,” Adele sang in the song. “And there is hope in these waters, but I can’t bring myself to swim when I’m drowning in this silence, baby let me in. Take it easy…”

She abruptly cut the song off, telling fans hooked up to her Instagram Live, “That’s it. That’s all I’m gonna play.

She then returns to go through some of the comments and questions she’s received, starting to scroll down her phone before saying, “Oh, my phone is ringing already. I’m in trouble!

Also on Instagram Live, which was apparently Adele’s first time living on the social media platform, she answered questions from fans between trying to figure out how to let people join. (Spoiler alert: she never understood this.)

On her favorite brunch drink, she said an “Aperol spritz”, although she “quits drinking” with the next album due out soon.

Tea or coffee? She replied, “Even though I’m drinking coffee right now, it’s tea.

And for her preference on how she likes to wear makeup, she said, “I put it on and run, but I’m lucky to have someone professionally do my makeup for me.”

Other celebrities were among the 100,000 or so people who watched the hilarious live. Some of the famous names include Troye Sivan, Ben Platt, and Alicia Keys.

When is “Easy on Me” released?

After weeks of speculation, the Grammy-winning singer shared the teaser for her first single since 2016 on her social media.

Adele announced the Twitter and Instagram on Tuesday October 5th that her new single “Easy on Me” was released on October 15th. Along with the announcement, she shared a teaser for her first single since 2016. The singer shared a black and white video to accompany the short clip of the song, playing only the instrumental piano introduction to the single as she ‘she seemed to be driving down a deserted road after inserting a tape.

Ahead of the single’s release, Adele appeared on the November 2021 covers of US and UK Vogue. In her first interview in five years, the singer told Vogue about her weight loss journey, her new boyfriend, Rich Paul, and how her divorce from ex-husband Simon Konecki affected their son, Angelo.

When Angelo was just 6 years old, Adele had an emotional exchange with him that changed the trajectory of their mother-son relationship and encouraged her to be more transparent and honest with him.

“He said to my face, ‘Can you see me? And I was like, uh, yeah. And he was like, because I can’t see you, “” she recalls. “Well, my whole life fell apart in that He knew I wasn’t there.

This conversation also sparked inspiration for Adele’s songwriting and her journey towards creating her fourth studio album. The day after he told his mother he couldn’t “see” her, she wrote a song for him, and after that other songs followed.

Adele explained that her new album is a long way from talking to Angelo about the changes in their family after the divorce and hopes he understands the songs when he’s a little older.

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