Music industry

A look at the music industry

Segment 1: Ari Herstand, founder and CEO of joins Hal to discuss how music streaming services have changed the music industry. Ari says the way people discover new artists is no longer on the radio, it’s now on TikTok and streaming playlists. Now consumers don’t necessarily own the music, they just subscribe to a stream.

Ari says that despite the fact that each stream doesn’t pay much, artists can make a lot of money by being included in these playlists because they can be added to multiple playlists.

Second section: Hal is joined by songwriter Diane Warren who received her 13th Academy Award nomination for Best Song. Warren says being nominated is an incredible honor and she feels like she’s already won. The song is “Somehow You Do”, sung by Reba McEntire and it appears in the movie “Four Good Days”.

Warren says she’s grateful to still be in the game after first being nominated more than 30 years ago. She tells Hal about her creative process and the fact that she has been writing songs since she was a child. Warren also talks about his new album “The Cave Sessions: Volume one”.

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Third section: Hal talks to Variety correspondent Elizabeth Wagmeister about the upcoming Oscars. She talks about the changes we’ve seen in the Awards since the pandemic. Wagmeister looks at the surprises, the snubs in the nominations and mentions how outrageously overlooked Lady Gaga was.

She says she looks forward to Denzel Washington and Will Smith’s match, both nominated for Best Actor.

Wagmeister also addresses the diversity issues the Academy has faced and discusses whether this is an ongoing problem.

Segment four: Hal promotes his podcast and we end with more of the music video for “Somehow You Do”.

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