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A look at Tenille Arts’ rapid rise to the country music scene

A romantic poet with an evocative and crystalline voice and a talent for creating clever melodies, it is undeniable that Tenille Arts possesses exceptional talent. And it was this talent combined with her hard work and perfect timing that led her to become one of the most popular country music artists of her time. Not only that, but within just a few short years, she has become one of the most promising country music artists and empowering female figures of this generation.

Let’s get to know his beginnings and the story of his rapid rise in the country music scene.

A series of perfect timing

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Born and raised in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Tenille Arts grew up listening to music and often found herself singing wherever she went. And it was during one of those times when she sang quietly that she opened the door for her to explore music further.

According to Arts, when she was around 8 or 9 years old, one of their neighbors overheard her singing Shania Twain’s “Man I Feel Like A Woman” in the backyard. Later, the neighbor approached her mother to ask if Arts was enrolled in singing lessons because she had the talent. Her mom told the neighbor she wasn’t and asked Arts if she wanted it, and she said yes.

And so the next day she auditioned for a local vocal coach (she trained classically for 10 years and explored country music in the midst of this) and soon after, I took piano lessons. At 14, she received a guitar as a birthday present that sparked the soul of a songwriter who has long been resting inside. Songwriting has become her refuge where she can express all of her feelings.

Soon after, she started performing in shop windows as well as competitions. In 2009, Arts caught the attention of Music Director and Industry Director Hal Oven when she released her acoustic version of Taylor Swift’s “Fifteen” online. Oven offered to represent her, so Arts briefly moved to Nashville before returning to Canada to finish high school.

Six years later, she was able to make a name for herself as a songwriter and work with other Nashville-based songwriters. And then when she was offered a publishing deal by Noble Vision Music Group in Nashville, she signed and moved to Nashville. That same year, she released a single, “Breathe,” which benefited cystic fibrosis charities. The track reached the Top 10 digital country singles in Canada.

In 2016, she released a self-titled six-track album, which again gained attention in her home country, topping the Canadian digital country charts. It also made its way into the US Country Top 100 and made waves in the country music scene.

Momentum building

Tenille Arts’ career, which began in 2015, slowly gained momentum and by mid-2017 she was one of the most watched country music artists. And in October 2017, she released her first full album titled Rebellious child featuring “Cold Feet,” which earned him the second place in the digital sales rankings of the countries of Canada and the 17th place in the United States.

A year later, she performed an acoustic version of one of her originals in the album “Moment of Weakness” for the reality show. The single person, which drew a lot of attention to her and her music. In an interview with Taste of Country, Arts said her manager sent her music to the show’s producers long before she first stepped on the show.

The song took on new life on radio and other platforms and expanded its audience from teens and 20s to 40s.

Become famous

After performing “Moment of Weakness” on The Bachelor, Arts delivered a hot deluxe edition on the wheels of Rebel child. She also became a favorite on The Bachelor, and in 2019 she performed for the show again. She sang “I Hate This” for bachelor Colton Underwood which came out just four days before the broadcast and has already racked up over a million streams.

But this time she got something bigger than applause and streams. She got a recording contract with Reviver Records. Arts released their second album Love, sorrow and all the rest and performed her uplifting single (written by women, produced by woman, and of course, sung by woman) “Somebody Like That” on The baccalaureate Premiere of the 2020 season. It was the third time she sang on the series and we may see her more.

It’s also safe to say that this rise to stardom isn’t going to fade anytime soon. In fact, with the caliber of songs from Tenille Arts, she will certainly be able to build a long career in country music.

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