The Rise and Fall o' Charlie

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Here's an 8 bit low resolution preview track list of our new CD
Sound the Pibroch (trad) Play  
Come Boat Me O'er (trad) Play  
Oran Do Phriunnsa Tearlach (trad) Play  
Charlie He's Ma Darlin' (trad) Play  
Bonnie Charlie (trad) Play  
Dear Tibbie (reid) Play  
Hey Johnny Cope (trad) Play  
Where Are My Followers (reid) Play  
Nach Truagh Mo Chs (trad) Play  
The Skye Boat Song (trad) Play  
Mile Marbhphaisg Air An T-Saoghal (trad) Play  
Where Can We Turn / The Lowland Soldier (reid) Play  
The Boy in the Man (reid) Play  
Will Ye No Come Back Again (trad) Play